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It’s always nice to know who you are working with. We’re a happy little team here at EcoLogicLiving... although not so little anymore! It all started out as Judy and Islam working from their home back in 2008 and just 7 years later there are 31 of us!

  Islam Pearson
Managing Director
Islam is the man in charge, the overseer, protector and father figure. With his background in property development and renewable energy technologies, he tends to come at the business from the point of view of the customer, and regularly offers a wealth of knowledge to anyone interested. He lives for his work, and may or may not be a gymnast. We’re not quite sure yet.
  Judy Pearson
Business Development Director
The marketing power behind the throne thanks to a marketing degree and Diploma in Business Management, Judy has been with EcoLogicLiving since the very beginning. She enjoys travelling to exotic locations and scuba diving, although looking after two children is proving just as much of an adventure!

  Janice Nixon
Finance Officer
Janice is one of the newest members of our team and works in the Finance department. In her spare time, Janice enjoys singing for her local choir - we haven’t yet heard her singing in the office but we like to consider her to be EcoLogicLiving’s answer to Whitney Houston!

  Kevin McGuiness
Financial Controller

  Ryan Park
Senior Sales Manager
  Philip Chapman
Technical Design Engineer

  Mark Reed-Brough
Area Sales Consultant

  Karen Moore
Legislation Manager
  Keaton Barlow
Legislation Apprentice

  Scott Reed-Brough
Servicing Coordiniator
  Seb Coombe
Marketing Assistant

  Sean Blacklock
Apprentice Estimator
  Mike Dixon
Technical Design Engineer
When we asked Mike to tell us something about himself for our website, his first response was "there’s nowt to know!" but then he let slip that he’s saving up for shiny new BMW. Plenty of overtime is in order then!

  Joe Reed-Brough
Installation Engineer

  Stephen Brown
Installation Assistant
  Shane Donnelly
Installation Engineer
Shane is the longest-serving engineer we have. Apart from working here, we’ll tell you what he does for fun when we find out.

  Martyn Turner
Installation Engineer
Martyn specialises in installing chip and pellet boilers. He’s very good at it, as he’s been doing it since 2010. When he’s not giving you renewable energy, he likes to relax with his family or do a variety of sports, ranging from golf to boxing.

  Martin Watson

  Karl Mosgrove
Installation Engineer
Karl hails from sunnier climes, South Africa no less! He came to Carlisle to visit family twenty years ago and forgot to go home. He’s an engineer by trade but fancied a change in career and joined our team. He spends his time out of work hours fishing, playing guitar and generally being a sociable creature.

  David Kershaw
Due to the fast growth of the business, these guys also make up part of the ‘new crew’ at EcoLogicLiving. Ensuring that all of our installations are fitted to our high standards, their work is paramount the success of the business.

  Martin Gordon
Installation Engineer

  Alex Thompson
Installation Engineer
Alex’s great joys in life are woodwork and football. Hence, he became a joiner and is Newcastle’s No. 1 supporter.

  Steven Peel
Installation Engineer

  Wilson Musgrave

  Kalem McDirmid

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