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EcoLogicLiving are now offering the Biokompakt boiler, the only TRUE multi-fuel Biomass Boiler available in the UK. This boiler is ideal for our farming.

Biokompakt Multi Fuel Biomass Boilers can burn up to 3 different fuel types simultaneously, from over 30 pre-tested fuel sources. There is less processing involved and there is the potential to turn all green waste into burnable pellets.

Biokompakt is FULLY RHI compliant and has 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing automatic biomass heating systems ranging from 15kW up to 1MW.
Why is Biokompakt different?

  • Burn over 30 types of fuel including:
    • Straw containing organic waste e.g. horse manure
    • Waste wood
    • Pelletised straw
    • Grass Pellets
    • Nut shells and pips
  • Burns wood-chip with length up to 60mm including bark
  • Maximum fuel moisture content – 57%
  • Burn up to 3 different fuel types simultaneously
  • Up to 60% fuel saving
  • Sensational efficiency rating of up to 94.3%
  • They are capable of co-firing and are built to last ( all boilers have a ceramic chamber which prevents corrosion)
  • There is less processing of materials involved and there is effectively now have the potential to turn all green waste into pellets to burn.

Grow Your Own Fuel
By being able to burn a wide range of biomass materials, our Biokompakt customers have the option to become self-sufficient and ‘Grow Your Own’ Fuel. Perrenial energy crops include trees such as willow, poplar and eucalyptus; shrubs such as Sida (also known as Virginia fanpetals) and grasses such as Miscanthus (elephant grass), switchgrass and bamboo.

All sales brochures can be downloaded from our brochure download area.

A small selection of our installs using these boilers can be seen in the case study download area.


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